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JBI Water & Wastewater Process Equipment Applications/Solutions

Wastewater Mechanical

Wastewater Grinder
Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM8500
Franklin Miller Taskmaster Titan
Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM1600

Screening - Multi-Rake
Duperon Fine Screen
Duperon Coarse Screen
Duperon Low Flow
Duperon Millenium Platform
Hydro-Dyne Tiger Shark
Screening - Center-Flo
Hydro-Dyne Great White

Screening - Stormwater
Duperon Open Channel/Flood Control
Hydro-Dyne Bull Shark

Washer Compactor
Duperon Dual Auger
Franklin Miller Spiralift SC
Hydro-Dyne White Tip Shark

Septage Receiving
Franklin Miller
Hydro-Dyne Dusky Shark

Grit Removal
Hydro-Dyne Sand Shark - Vortex

Grit & Grease Removal

Grit Washer

Circular Clarifier
ClearStream Sedimentation

Rectangular Clarifier
Viking Enviro-Systems

PD Blower
Universal Blower 3C-PAC
Universal Blower 3C-Hybrid
Universal Blower EE-PAC

Mag Bearing Blower
Sulzer ABS HST Turbocompressor

Digester Cover
OTI - Fixed Steel Cover
OTI - Floating/Gasholder Cover
OTI - Buoyant Cover

Solids Thickening
PWT Volute Thickener
Komline Gravity Belt Thickener
JDV Rotary Drum Thickener
Solids Dewatering
PWT Volute Press
GEA Centrifuge
Komline Belt Filter Press
Schwing Screw Press

Sludge Grinding
Franklin Miller Super Shredder
Franklin Miller TM8500 Inline
Franklin Miller TM1600 Inline

Sliding Frame Silos
Schwing Bioset


Advanced Water Treatment

Pall Corporation
Wigen Water
Nanostone Ceramic Membrane
Reverse Osmosis/Nano
Wigen Water
Fibracast Hybrid Hollow Fiber
Hydro-Dyne MBR Screening
Wastewater UV-Vertical
SUEZ Aquaray HiCAP
SUEZ Aquaray 40HO
SUEZ Aquaray 3X 
Title 22 Filtration
Veolia_Kruger Disc Filter
Schreiber Fuzzy Filter
Alfa Laval Cloth Filter
Pall Microfiltration
Amiad Microfiber Filter
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